Sparks - A Conversation Game Inspired By The Stars

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Sparks is inspired by the engaging, thought- provoking, and sometimes odd conversations that occur underneath a star-filled night sky. We created Sparks to recreate those moments no matter where you are and who you're with.

In the first three rounds, follow the stars by answering questions that explore each other's past, present, and future. Lunar Events add additional twists along the way. In the final round, a constellation is revealed with one last thought-provoking question for you to answer.

🌲   Each game is made with environmentally sustainable, FSC-certified paper

💃   2-8 players | Ages 16+ | 45 min | Full rules here

Contents: Each game contains 156 Cards (16 Constellation Cards, 134 Sparks Cards, 6 Constellation Guide Cards)

Customer Reviews

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Great conversation enhancer!

Broke out Sparks at Friendsgiving this past weekend and everyone’s first impression was that these cards were beautifully crafted! Second impression was that the game was super creative and sparked a ton of deep conversations amongst the friend group!

Definitely adding Sparks to the list of things I’m thankful for this year!!!

A great game for encouraging self-disclosure and launching conversations

That’s where a game like Sparks fits perfectly. Sparks takes a unique approach to conversation-building by splitting question cards into four categories: past, present, future, and constellation. The first three categories are pretty self-explanatory since they focus on broad stages of everyone’s lives. The last one, constellation, contains capstone questions to wrap up the evening and end the game on a thoughtful note.

Play begins with each player drawing a card from the past deck, reflecting on it, and sharing their answers with the group one by one. Players are encouraged to ask questions of each other since the goal of the game is to encourage conversation. Once everyone has answered a past card, players repeat the process with the present and future cards.

To end the game, players look at the symbols at the bottom of their three cards and find the matching constellation card. Unlike past, present, and future, constellation cards ask deeper, more thought-provoking questions. This makes good sense because the players spent the rest of the game building trust and sharing their feelings and memories, a process known as self-disclosure. More self-disclosure leads to deeper connections which leads to more self-disclosure. Honestly, it’s amazing to watch.

Sparks plays in 30-45 minutes (or possibly longer) depending on the number of players and the amount of conversation that takes place. Since conversation is the point of the game, don’t stress if people get lost in talking about their answers. If that happens, wait for a natural lull and pick up the game again. Or just ignore the game and dive into the conversation. (That’s a win, too!)

The game uses a snappy card stock with a pleasant linen finish that makes the decks shuffle easily. It’s sturdy and will last through many nights of warm discussions.

High Quality Game, Sparks Discussion, & Giftable

This is a really cute game to use with family or friends to spark discussion. There are three sets of cards, Past, Present, and Future. People take turns picking a card and answering the questions in front of the group. This in turn, "Sparks" a discussion. After three rounds of cards, you match your cards to a "constellation," and then each person answers a fourth question. This is perfect to stick in your purse to take out to dinner with your family or for Thanksgiving or other holiday dinners. I have two college-age kids, and I'm looking forward to breaking this deck out for the holidays.

The deck itself is very nice quality and the box would be very giftable. It's cute and compact. I'm definitely pleased with this item and would give this to others for a unique gift

Excellent Listening Game!!!

I was a little skeptical about getting this game, since i could find nothing about it. Boy I sure was surprised. This game is a little hidden gem!!

Pros: The cards are well made. The directions are clear and easy to follow. Excellent game for a first date or one to play hanging out with friends or family.

Cons: It does take awhile to play, but like any good game. Listening is a MUST to fully appreciate this game (Not a Con, but a required skill).

This was an absolute blast to play. I got to learn more about my wife and myself. Definitely worth the cost! I totally recommend it!!!

Jack W
Fun for adults

Fun game. Great questions. Good for a group that knows each other well or for new friends. Plan to play with family over Thanksgiving.