Welcome to the Villa.

Lovestruck is a social deduction game that recreates the show-stopping drama and jaw-dropping moments of reality TV.

Experience the thrill of competing on a dating show…with just a small chance of heartbreak.

5-10 Players | 40 min | Ages 14+

Late Pledge

Our Kickstarter ended but you can still make a late pledge!

Welcome to the Villa.

Congratulations! You have just been selected as a contestant on a reality dating show. But while everyone claims they’re here looking for love, not everyone is here for the “right” reasons. Some contestants are just secretly trying to get famous!

Your goal is to figure out who is who so you can leave the show with the love of your life.

Play as a reality TV contestant

At the beginning of the game, you and your friends each choose a contestant to play as.

Pick from reality TV personalities such as “The Troublemaker,” “The Party Animal,” and “The One Over 30.”

Keep your intentions secret

Every contestant is assigned a secret Intention.

Contestants here for the “Right’ reasons are trying to couple up with someone else here for the "Right" reasons.

Contestants here for the “Wrong” reasons are trying to secretly create drama to boost the show's viewership.

Date around to affect viewership

To help you figure out who is who, you'll go on dates with the other contestants and spend time together at the Villa.

During dates you choose between playing Love or Drama cards which impact the show's viewership.

At the Villa you will also have a chance to use those cards to gain information about the other contestants, or even drop a Bombshell card.

Couple up to win (or lose!)

The last round of the game is the Season Finale. After the season finale, who you're in a couple with is who you'll be leaving the show with.

Each contestant will reveal their true intentions to determine who won or lost the game!