A party game that keeps you guessing

Rabble is a hilarious game based on guessing absurd words and doing ridiculous challenges. Each game features beautiful illustrations from diverse and female artists.

Play to Let Loose

Get Rabble!

How to Play

Click HERE for the full rules or HERE to watch a 1 minute video about how to play Rabble in (Created by @TikTokBoardGames).

Step 1

Guess Absurd Words

Get your team to guess the absurd words on your team’s Rabble Cards as quickly as possible.

Step 2

Do Ridiculous Challenges

Play Challenge Cards to slow down the other team by making them do ridiculous challenges such as "fist-bump the air" or "give clues in a British accent." 

step 3

Three Rounds, Different Restrictions

Each round uses the same cards but has different restrictions on how to give clues.

  • ROUND 1: Anything Goes
  • ROUND 2: One Word Only
  • ROUND 3: Acting Only

Guess Absurd Words, Do Ridiculous Challenges!

Our favorite memories are the ones with good friends, hilarious jokes, and where things got a little weird. We created Rabble to spark more of those unforgettable nights.

  • Groups of Any Size

    From groups of 4 to 20, rabble is fun with any number of players!

  • Create Unforgettable Memories

    You organically create inside jokes while playing Rabble so this will be one game night you won't forget!

  • Inspired by a classic

    Rabble is inspired by a folk game we played as kids. We created our own rules to make the game even more outrageous!

Play to...Get Silly

Play gives us permission to get silly, something that is much needed in most of our lives. Not only is silliness proven to reduce stress, but being silly also helps us feel more comfortable with ourselves. We hope Rabble ignites a night full of laughter, memories, and of course, silliness!