A conversation game inspired by the stars

Sparks is a conversation game inspired by the engaging, thought- provoking, and sometimes odd conversations that occur underneath a star-filled night sky.

2-8 Players | Ages 14+ | 45 min

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How to Play

Click HERE for the full rules.

Step 1

Follow the Stars

Take turns answering questions that explore each other's Past, Present, and Future.

Step 2

Reveal a Constellation

In the final round, match-up the symbols to reveal a constellation with one last thought-provoking question for you to answer.

Step 3

Sparks is a Journey

Sparks creates a unique conversational experience that helps you truly connect with those you're with.

A Conversation Experience Like No Other

Sparks is a thoughtfully curated journey that fosters meaningful discussions and brings you closer to those around you.

  • Designed to Connect

    Sparks is not only designed to help people connect with each other, but also to make connections within their own lives.

  • Groups of Any Size

    The game is perfect to play with friends, family, or even a significant other.

  • Stunning Illustrations

    Sparks features beautifully drawn illustrations of constellations.

Play to...Deepen Relationships

Play allows us to be vulnerable, which is the first step to building more meaningful connections. That’s why we designed Sparks to help people let down their guards and engage in authentic conversations. We truly hope Sparks brings you closer to the people around you.