Rabble: Travel Edition

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Rabble: Travel-Edition features a completely new set of travel-related cards and challenges. It's the perfect game for sparking wild nights on-the-go: from road trips in Yosemite, to beaches in Fiji, and everywhere in between. The game can be played standalone or as an expansion to the base version of Rabble.

Get your friends to guess the absurd words on your team’s Rabble Cards as quickly as possible. Each round uses the same cards but has different restrictions on how to give clues.

ROUND 1: Anything Goes
ROUND 2: One Word Only
ROUND 3: Acting Only

Play Challenge Cards to slow down the other team by making them do ridiculous challenges such as "name a different country in Europe after every card" or "act like you're experiencing turbulence." Full rules here.

🌲   Each game is made with environmentally sustainable, FSC-certified paper

🎨   We feature guest illustrations from independent artists across the world

💃   4-20+ players | Ages 17+ | 30-40 min

CONTENTS: Each game contains 156 Cards (126 Rabble Cards, 30 Challenge Cards), NSFW cards are marked and can be easily removed

Customer Reviews

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A Great Game For Couples & Friends

My partner and I played this really enjoyable game one evening. We ended it by saying, "we need to play this again."

There were funny, interesting, and "naughty" cards. I thought it was a well-balanced game, with us thinking and laughing.

Definitely recommend it if you're hoping to do something different. It's a great game for Western NY, where we live, especially once the snow hits.


This game is so much fun! It's like a twist on charades and I like the travel theme. We love to have game nights with friends and this was a hilarious addition. Highly recommend!

Silly but fun game

This is a hilarious card game. Definitely better when played with at least six people. I would describe it as similar to charades. However, there are different ways to give clues to your team that keep changing, which makes it interesting. I have played the regular version, and although this version doesn’t have as many topics, it is perfect for travel.

Tonya Lehman
Small, easy to pack and bring with you

We got back from a cruise and many families brought card games to play (in between eating at the buffet!). This is a small, compact game that would be great to bring along. I like that the inappropriate cards are separated, so we can even play with grandma.

Easy to learn and my belly hurt from laughing

This game is so much fun! I took a trip with a group of friends and brought this along since it’s traveled themed. And everyone loved it!

Each team gets 20 cards and the first round you can say whatever you like to get them to guess what the card says. In round 2, you use the same 20 cards but only say ONE word to describe the card. So it’s a memory game to recall what words you had on the first round. The third and final round, you can’t say anything, it’s only acting- which gets very interesting and that’s where the memory part is critical.

We had so many laughs and will definitely buy the expansion decks.

The only negatives are that the cards aren’t waterproof and easily get destroyed in liquid. We all had drinks that were sweating leaving small puddles on the table and a few cards got warped from that.
The other thing is that I wish there were more cards. We went through the whole deck in 2 nights, but I’ll definitely buy other decks so we can play this more.

Overall, this is a really fun game that anyone can enjoy. There are “naughty cards” that they keep separate if you want a game for the whole family and there are optional challenge cards that add another complexity level to the game. It’s quick and easy to learn how to play and great to take on trips since it doesn’t take up much space.